Web- and Mailhosting from Leipzig

le-hosting.de is a small private provider from Leipzig, Germany and is operated for friends by Der Internethering. Our focus is on actual software and high security.


"Never touch a running system" becomes never truth for our way to work. le-hosting.de is based on the rolling release operating system Gentoo Linux, that offers the opportunity to use the latest software versions. Besides the security requirement, to close security breachs in time, le-hosting.de is able to use the best features.

That is the way, we make the internet running faster: Zend: "Turbocharging the web with PHP 7"


Security is no situation, it is a process

le-hosting.de implements the latest discoveries for being armed against attacks periodically. Every hostet website is outpoutted by HTTPS and unencrypted calls become redirected to the encrypted. While large mailproviders like GMX or Web.de introduced encrypted transport routes not until august 2013, we used this safer way since our beginning as basic equipment.

Test it on your own: SSL Server Test